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A gift is something given...so you will find nothing for sale here. Hopefully you will find some things worth having though...things to see, things to play with, things to think about...but all of them free.
We invite you to see our photographs as well as our images whose origins are purely digital. Many of the photographs are available as wallpaper-sized downloads directly from the site, and any of the photos that you might want for printing/framing can be specially requested. Because of their large size, these high-resolution image files are made available to you via FTP download.
You are invited to play with the puzzles that we have created and the interactive 3D graphics that we have constructed. The puzzles require that your browser be JavaScript enabled; some of the 3D graphics require only that your browser be Java compatible, while others require that a VRML viewer plugin be installed.
You may simply want to think about our ideas, concepts, and philosophies. Although most of these require only an open and curious mind, in the case of our tutorials...a generous application of intellectual elbow grease can be anticipated.
We hope you enjoy your visit; come back to see us often.
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