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The first of our tutorials is based on experiences gathered over several years of teaching Organic Chemistry to a large number of students. The backgrounds and objectives of these students have covered a wide spectrum. At one end of that spectrum, have been chemistry majors hoping to gain admission to some of the country's finest medical schools, and at the other end have been Associate degree, or non-degree candidates needing a single semester course to meet the requirements of various programs, generally relating to the health services professions.

This tutorial has been developed in an effort to assist in meeting the needs of this latter group.

The material to be included will emphasize fundamental concepts
of 3D structure visualization, nomenclature, and rationalized
chemical reactivity. Self-grading exercises and examinations will
also be provided.
We expect that the content of this tutorial will continually evolve, according to both student feedback and time available to the authors. The Mind Gifts staff are anxious to provide information that you will find helpful, and we encourage you to contact us with your comments, criticisms, and suggestions. We appreciate your help in creating what is hoped to be a useful tool to the learning process.
Module #1 --- Organic Chemistry as 3D Art
Module #1 --- Self Test