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We ask that you familiarize yourself with the following information before proceeding with your image request. Please understand that we are happy to provide this service in the hopes that you will find pleasure in the display and contemplation of our photographs; but in order to provide image files of the size required for obtaining prints of adequate resolution, we have found that most efficient use of our server is achieved through FTP posting of these images on an as-requested basis. The information that you provide in the form below will NOT be used for any purpose other than our responding to your submitted request. We respect your privacy and do NOT distribute e-mail addresses to others!!!

Although we make every attempt to post your requested file within 24 hours, unexpected delays do sometimes occur. Concurrent with the posting of your request, you will be sent e-mail instructions for accessing the file. Please keep in mind that the speed of your download is determined by the bandwidth of YOUR connection to the internet. We've included a table of relevant data below; from this you can estimate the time that will be required for downloading the image file that you have requested.

Download time (mins) @
 Print size (inches)   File size (MB)   14.4 kbps   28.8 kbps   56 kbps   DSL 
5 x 7 9 90 45 25 1
8 x 10 21 215 110 60 2
11 x 14 41 too many 210 110 4
16 x 20 86 too many too many 228 9
We are always looking for ways to improve this service; if you encounter any difficulties, or if you have suggestions for improvement, please let us know. We appreciate your feedback.
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